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Supertitles Communicate

Supertitles increases attendance.  Opera, hearings, theater, concerts, assembly, lectures, town meetings, and stockholder meetings -- any event you have.

Your bonus is a few more degrees of creative freedom.  You'll never lose your audience to accents, foreign languages, or patois.

Supertitles can even reach reluctant spouses at the opera.

And Script Sign is an important part of educating and including new audiences.

Count on supertitles to increase public acceptance for your event by:

  • Clarifying - patois, accents, opera
  • Translating - foreign languages or ancient dialects
  • Including - patrons with less than perfect hearing (ADA public forum compliance too)

But you knew that already, so let's talk about what else Script Sign will do for you.


Script Sign is Rugged Enough For Theater

You get reliability from Script Sign.

Public forums like theaters eat conventional fixed location electronic signs for lunch.  Script Sign is built for the hard life of stage equipment -- and with the flexibility to meet the needs of opera, poetry, plays, lectures, town meetings, courts, and education.

End maintenance headaches with Script Sign.


But Easy To Use

You get productivity when operators learn quickly.

Script Sign is the latest-generation theater supertitle system that takes advantage of today's broader capacity operating systems, and has been thoroughly tested (and blessed) by professional captioners.

In addition to handling virtually every known language, Script Sign is a second generation theater supertitle system with powerful features to help you caption faster and smarter:

  • Quickly converts a transcript or libretto into captions
  • Allows you to script caption brightness
  • Allows you to script fade-in and fade-outs
  • Spell checks only when you want it
  • Works on a laptop
  • Free software let's you prepare supertitles anywhere

And it's designed, built and supported in the US.

You have more to do than just making supertitles.  We hear you!


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