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Try before you buy.  That's good advice.

But it's also good to know that you can rent a Script Sign to fill the occasional need.

Digital Tech Services maintains an inventory that includes large (14'W x 2'H x 6"D) displays able to display two lines each with 40 or more characters.  These large displays can be comfortably read from 300 feet away.

Digital Tech Services also inventories compact Minitext displays (7'4"W x 1'7"H x 6"D) for rental.  Minitext displays are ideal for touring productions, smaller venues, and as under-balcony displays.  Able to display two 40 character lines of text, the 2"W x 2.6"H characters can be comfortably read from 75 feet away.

Click here for the latest list of rental prices and services.

Click here to get an idea of what it costs to buy a supertitle system or additional display.


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