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Rugged Enough for Theater

Public forums like theaters eat conventional fixed location electronic signs for lunch.

Most electronic LED signs are made for permanent installation in malls.  Professional installers get the sign running and until it's amortized three years later the sign isn't touched.

No roadies handle the sign.  No scissor-lifts back into it.  And the sign never ever gets moved.

And most of those flimsy sign cases would buckle if someone tried to "fly" them -- to hoist and hang them from a few cables.

But Script Sign is designed to travel.  They're built from the ground up for the rough and tumble of the long haul.

Script Sign is built for the hard life of stage equipment.  But with the flexibility to meet the needs of opera, poetry, plays, lectures, town meetings, courts, and education.

Script Sign is one less thing to worry about, and here are a few reasons why:

  • Forged loops on reinforced thread bosses let you "fly" Script Sign

  • Ruggedized connectors lock securely
  • Case corners are heavily reinforced with super tough architectural aluminum
  • Heavy ribbed extrusions are used throughout the Script Sign housing
  • Galvanized steel, not aluminum, internal sign element support bars give Script Sign a rigidity and durability aluminum can't. (Yup, that's all 185 pounds of me standing very carefully on the weak side of the support channel!)
  • Because solder flux can be corrosive over the long haul, you won't find any on Script Sign boards.
  • Script Sign uses latest generation constant current electronics for better color consistency over time and to increase LED life
  • Heavy glass filled printed circuit boards quietly dissipate heat
  • Script Sign operates quietly without fans

...And an internal compartment contains complete set of spare electronics!


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